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Welcome to the official Website of Joyguru Sri Sri Ashok Kumar Mukhopadhyay Sevakendra Trust, which is a Charitable Religious
Trust, donations under which are exempted under Section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act.

On July 23, 2004 our Venerable, Beloved Idol & Guide in the Manly hood Sri Sri Gurudev Ashok Kumar Mukhopadhyay left His body of flesh and blood plunging us in grief and distress. The disciples, devotees, relatives followers discussed in a meeting that, we should preserve the house where our Sri Gurudev lived His last life and which is His named property (as He saw with His mortal eyes), and we must form an organization (as He desired) under His name and the object of the said organization would be to follow His Lessons. This is how “Joy Guru Sri Sri Ashok Kumar Mukhopadhyay Seva Kendra Trust” saw daylight on the auspicious day of the 4th of August 2004. Sri Gurudev was born to this world on 4th February 1950 on the banks of Holy Ganges in Ballavpur Street in Srirampur, Bengal. The mission of our beloved Sri Gurudev was to donate even His last penny to the actually needy people, whoever He may be and without considering the cast and creed. The Trust has been maintaining that tradition to fulfil Gurudev’s wishes.

To maintain these noble wishes of Sri Sri Gurudev Sevakendra is trying hard to serve the Humankind.

Presently Sevakendra is Organising various Events like :

Free Coaching Centre

  • Within the premises of Sevakendra the Sevakarmis (who serves the Sevakendra without Remunaretion) is trying to impart knowledge to the needy Children of the local dwelers.
  • At Amragachi Ram Sita Ashram Sevakendra has also opened a Free Coaching centre under the Name of Patitpaban Pathshala for the Tribal and Needy Students of the adjacent area.
  • Sevakendra also Donate Books and Uniforms to the needy students.


Medical Help

Joy Guru Sri Sri Ashok Kumar Mukhopadhyay Sevakendra Trust Organize Free Medical service on a regular basis at the premises of Sevakendra i.e Joy Guru Sri Sri Ashok Kumar Mukhopadhyaya Sevakendra Trust.

  • Homoeopathy Medicines by the efficient and re-known Doctors freely distributed here. 
  • Free Dental check up by well known Doctors are provided weekly.
  • Bi-weekly Physiotherapy centre also run by Sevakendra with the help of a recognised Physiotherapist.
  • Free Eye Check up and Cataract Detection Clinic is  also arranged at Sevakendra Premisses with the help of Park Lions Hospital, Hindmotor.


Sri Sri thakur Ashok used to donate His every last penny to the under priviledged. To maintain that shown path the Sevakendra also distributes food and clothings to the under priviledged on several religious occasions.


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Upcoming Events


3rd November, 2017 (17th Kartik 1424), Friday 1:47p.m. onwards.

Ratanti Kali Puja

14th January, 2017 (1st Magh 1424), Thursday 4:46a.m. onwards.
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Tithi Puja of Shri Maa Saradamoni

9th December, 2017 (23rd Aghrayan 1424), Saturday.

Christmas Eve Celebration

24rd December, 2017 (8th Poush 1424), Sunday.

Past Events

Durga Puja 2017
Several Pujas across the year are held at the Trust that is housed in Tara Ma House in Srirampur.
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Christmas Celebrations 2016
Sri Gurudev strongly believed in Sarva Dharm Samanvay! That all Religions are equal.
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Memories of Gurudev
We would love to share certain fond memories of Sri Gurudev through these images.
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